Reality is Fiction.

What a stunning lesson today has been. What an outstanding couple of weeks. Extreme and contradictory feelings have abounded lately – exhaustion, euphoria, relaxation, eroticism, anguish, despair, faith – often conflicting, often merging. But it is not about feelings, it is about what feelings construct as “reality”, as our projections are often called. Plato´s wallpaper indeed.

This is a blog, lest we forget, so no real possibility to dissect it all in detail… Dissection will be best left to future publishing and/or verbal interaction. So come and find me if you feel like it, the world is not that big. Really. And I´m the always-available kind of fella, despite trying to maintain myself in check.

An enthusiastic ovation at the end of our morning welcome meeting. Unexpected, emotional, out of context – the kind of context where one does not clap. We must have gotten it right, the newcomers felt the need to reward us for a message of optimism, comraderie and team spirit. This is a prelude to a good year, we accepted the applause as a gift towards faith in the midst of darkness, regeneration in the midst of catastrophe.

Later on: the right shape for participatory media projects has also been assured. In twenty-four hours, a team of creatives generatively triples in number. Word of mouth, maybe? Mutual respect, for sure. A willingness to listen and an acceptance of logic. My, all this generation seems to want is to be treated with respect, everything else they seem to have sorted out. What a joy to work like this.

Later on, still – at the eleventh hour, when all seemed to have been reduced to rubble: the same exact data rebuilds itself in the corner of our brain. Suddenly, what seemed like an incoherent mess ressurects within a coherent narrative.


The same exact ingredients can be presented as failure OR be communicated as a quasi-success. And option B it shall be. And we shall work towards option B.

Soon an accurate translation will be provided.

From social healing to spiritual healing to spiritual indulgence to self-indulgence to self-privilege.
A necessary end. A necessary amputation. An inevitable beginning.


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