Fascinated at the moment by media as we may all be, it is worth stepping out for a second and observing from the outside. What we see is an insatiable craving for unmediated contact. And what is amazing about unmediation is it does not exclude taking photos or making videos – as a matter of fact, unmedia becomes more powerful and meaningful when it includes media.

So it was last Thursday, as LM and myself hosted Awarehouse of Why. What we had planned would be an experiment in bonding very quickly became an explosive, cathartic, collective celebration of bondage. Thirty-plus people celebrated humanity in multiple forms, surrounded by mechanical media, electric media, digital media -building bridges where bridges have been lying dormant.

 Images are pouring in now, and images and sound will soon make their way to the website in edited format. Editing should make sense, as long as it is about creating context for further unmediated forms to develop. 

In other words, if unmedia does not exclude media, the only  time when media does not exclude unmedia is when it is edited with the purpose of inclusion. We shall keep that in mind.

 I want to talk about narrative as the ultimate contemporary form of science, but time is unforgiving at the moment. It shall be the subject of the next entry. Soon.

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