No, not the “narrative as science” post quite yet – although that is near and it will be huge. Promise.
Instead, just a quick word on how transgression has become so de rigueur.
Look around… and I mean virtually, as the wild west of real geography has rarely looked so bland.
The new pop stardom is to be found on transgressive behaviours with a benevolent heart.
Fair vandalism (vandalising public property in the name of a better environment)
Ethical listening (consuming music according to the musician’s beliefs and distribution models)
Participatory drama (the actual replacements of TV dramas are shared narratives in virtual environments. We suffer as we always did, but we can now dislocate and locate ourselves out of ourselves).
What brings all these together?
The idea of event.
This is where the money is at, this is where the money is to be made – symbolically, literally.

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