we are all spam now.

have we all become spam?


we all remember the golden days of spamming. how easy and straightforward it all was – big dicks, fake degrees, horny housewives and millionaire bank transfers. aaah, the good life, the noughties as the online daily stream of some sort of  time-space-compression reverie.


now real individuals send out group emails about their real lives to their gigantic contact lists.

whether about their newborns, newsletters, book reviews, blogging activities or something somehow more pressing, we have all become spammers of the best kind.


yet we all keep accelerating. trying to catch up. trying not to fail the generic other´s expectations.

spam has become a fuzzy activity, no longer the sole property of automated online activity, spam is now anything beyond urgent. 


sure, the ever-existing elite is always way beyond this: between filters, avatars, enlightened cybercynicism and email bankruptcy, none of this poses a problem – no disfunction, no interruption of the flow, the smooth flow. we cool, we got no time 4 caps,  we blog at 3 am, dig?


speculation as an end in itself is usually an alibi for laziness, and heitor alvelos is all for functionality before speculation, but neither does he find a use for functionality as an end in itself. back to big dicks then.


this is a consequence of silent hysteria.

this is a consequence of hysterical quietude.

this is a consequence of energy transfer – as targets of energy overload, we simply pass the burden onwards, unaware of the fact that we multiply the problem in the process.


p.s.: watch LOST´s “the constant” (s4e5) as soon as you can. it deals with all this. honestly, it does. and this shall be my spam for the evening.





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