a sxsw baptism


Today: hints towards being a cool creature throughout this week, advertising blog disasters (I was late, will have to hunt down the examples on display – but they did include an HP disaster and a fake “real” wal-mart cross-country adventure), religious extremism in blogging and the challenges of the “local” factor in global communities. All topped by a high ritual on the media blur. The key thought has to be “information overload has always been a part of what we are – we just talk about it more now”. So there.


Tomorrow may include social strategies for revolutionaries, online sexual privacy, status in social media, the irrelevance and dangers of logos. And tomorrow may include the brave question: do we still need designers? How refreshing, how liberating, to ask the fundamental questions without the knee-jerk class reaction. Instead of the frozen, severe fundamentalism of small-town metropolises, we witness the underlying, ever-powerful ideology of contemporary media sprouting its own questioning. It may be hyper-real, but maybe it is just citizenship. Maybe it is just the basics of being civilised. I´ll take it any day.


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