OK OK, so everything is miscellaneous, in the words of David Weinberger. It would be impossible to disagree within the current context. Any and every taxonomy of the tree of knowledge we devise is now endlessly reconfigurable according to our own needs, circumstantial as these may be. Billions of narratives, all horizontal, all equally essential. It is fun, real, tangible – and, of course, most importantly, it is cool. What kind of retrograde fundamentalist would dare attempt to impose one sole reading upon the contents of billions of narratives?


Aescetism has always claimed some sort of superiority, be it intellectual, moral or spiritual. Now it has gone underground, unable to carve its own niche, tiny as it might be, lost among the current euphoria of overabundance, speculation and individual ambition of universal projection.


It is 4:52 pm on a grey afternoon at New Jersey Liberty, rain just starting and promising to stay. I am surrounded by world travelers typing away and chatting away and flirting away and vanishing into thin air. As I passed through baggage claim a few hours ago, a fascinating poster claimed something to the effect of “Not all aliens come from outer space”. Well, maybe they need those aliens they so fiercely hunt down, just as those aliens desperately need a brand new narrative. Maybe it´s all about a whole nation wanting to feel wanted.


Just what the world needed, right? March 10, 5pm Austin time – tune in somehow and you will hear/view/read some carefully taxonomised ramblings on how real transgression has become an effective advertising asset. Just google up SXSW and take it from there.


Yours truly now signs off and boards the next plane,


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