what is wrong with “analogue amnesia”?

Attending Charlene Li´s lecture on corporate revolutionaries, the subject of “if it´s not on Wikipedia, it does not exist” came up. This reminded me of a fairly recent track of mine, “analogue amnesia“, which attempts to express a similar idea through different means. So out of curiosity, I googled up this expression; to my amazement, every single link pertaining to “analogue amnesia” linked to yours truly. I´ll have to think twice about it – there has to be something wrong with that expression if no one else in the world seems to have used it – at least not in a digital environment. Either that, or I´ve just baptised the power trio without a name (will run the idea through them soon enough – no good being called “needaname” forever).BTW, so as not to be lost in some cryptic haze: the track is called analogue amnesia, as it is made up of analogue tape hiss from cassette tapes, and as it is the opening track to an upcoming autodigest release dealing with the golden age of bootlegs. Ah, the golden days of tape trading to exhaustion, to inaudibility.


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