Daily epics

As we all know by now, the future of media and culture is being decided in our daily micronarratives, seemingly unimportant, seemingly trivial. Add them all up and you´ll end up with the longest tail ever. Corporations know this, and they have been learning some very hard lessons in the process.

Then there are the labours of love. Maybe authenticity is not the issue, maybe it is simply about transparency. Two of the finest examples I have come across come from two very dear friends-colleagues:
Memória Futura is in its early stages, but the premise is fantastic: what images does each one of us pick out of contemporary society and culture as worthy of future rememberance? And, of course, why do we pick those images? Stay tuned. And participate.

Industrial Brand, a Design company in Vancouver, Canada, includes Matt SamyciaWood in its ranks. Matt´s instinctive grasp of communication processes is simply remarkable. Visit their blog often for an always inspirational dose of news, trivia, food for thought.


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