Revisiting the sexy porcupine

I have recently been made aware of the fact that my earlier sexy porcupine post has sadly been produced for Portuguese-speaking blogizens only. There is a reason for this – or there was originally a reason for this. There was fear that it would be lost in translation, not so much in linguistic terms, but in terms of how a culture freely appropriates (cannibalises?) references from American mainstream and regurgitates them as free signals. Heck, they already were free signals to begin with!… Baudrillard would once again be proud.

Anyway, how does this translate into your own culture? You tell us AYOR.

So, this landed on my desk a while ago. A genuine request for collaboration. Not to sound smug, but this is a request forwarded to a University. Somewhere, somehow, something is not working. I freely quote, and I freely try to faithfully translate:

“Dear Sirs,

Our company, is looking for a drawing (image) for the launch of a brand of a barbecue grill.

The idea would be to challenge the appropriate ranks to draw (create image) a “female” SEXY porcupine, of a Jessica Rebit [SIC] kind, standing up (ninja turtles).

There would be an award, the value of which would be determined, but never too high, to be presented to the selected drawing.

We await your response to this matter, and we present our greetings.”

Well, this is my response to this matter. Besides a major “[SIC]” enveloping the whole text, I may well write my upcoming essay on Design around this very fine example of how Design is perceived by the population at large.

Then again, are we entitled to complain? Doctors are no better – they are perceived as saints or miracle-makers. Lawyers are perceived as smart-ass crooks.. and this is just the supposed top of the pyramid. Ouch indeed.


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