Danger Zones

The quantum ghost in the nanomachine. There is no need to patiently and passively wait for personal catastrophe to strike in order to sort oneself out – the gut feeling that something must change invariably strikes way before the back or the head or the heart begin to complain.

So… sorting oneself out. I am not necessarily talking about eating healthily and exercising (these can be such fakes, anyway, pun-driven advertising of the worst kind)… It might be more important to pursue a rewarding daily environment, a discipline of activity. So ladies and gents, you heard it here first. Some major changes are being cooked up, the details of which shall be worked out in the near future.


Currently revisiting Jon Hassell´s unreleased November 1997 MANCA gig (soundboard recording). That amazing final track has got to be the closest the avant-garde ever got to encapsulating the ethereal, sunset-like spirit of bossa nova without any of the associated melodies or cliches.

DGM is, and has been for a while, my preferred source of legal downloading. All those solo Fripp shows are just heaven to my ears. One small detail that must not go unnoticed: the inspiring and thought-provoking footnotes that randomly permeate the navigating experience.

A DGM footnote sample: Remain in hell without despair.

The Len Massey remix: Remain in despair without hell.

And how about this one for a conundrum: If we don’t know where we’re going, we’ll probably get there.

Our own (LM+HA) footnote:

Oil and the Shadow of Silence.


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