Piracy vs. Obscurity and other ramblings.

Thanks to Richard Wright who, in the middle of a meeting today, quoted these prophetic words from Tim O´Reilly: “Obscurity is a far greater threat to authors and creative artists than piracy“. Read the full essay (from 2002!) here.

Album of the week (month, year?): Lawrence English – Kiri No Oto. An instant classic from Touch, a serious candidate to favourite recording of the year – if we still have the neurons and the patience available for such exercises, that is. All I can say is I listened to it probably about 7 times since opening the mailbox around 12:30pm. It elevates you, it oozes strength and wisdom.

On the vacuity of top tens, the subject of desert island discs is, of course, a classic. Chris Wilson has something to say about this on the last chapter of his fantastic essay-made-book, “Let´s Talk About Love: a Journey to the End of Taste“. You prod through a substantiated analysis of Celine Dion´s merits and faults, as well as the enigma of her huge appeal, but the whole thing is truly rewarding. Wilson´s point about Desert Island Discs is remarkably simple: music is meant to unite and be shared, so the concept of listening to the same records over and over on a desert island is not far from torture. Spot On.


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