Cowardice to the nth degree

How much more insane can it get? So there´s this new thing called Slydial, they say. It is a service of some kind that allows you to call someone´s mobile and leave them a message directly on their voicemail without having to speak to them. And what do they choose to publicise this?

“Dump your lover directly on voice mail

New phone service makes it easier to get through life’s awkward moments”

The above is [SIC], word by word, transcribed literally from online headlines. I will not post the link, I do not wish to provide them with stats.

Notice the pathetic “life´s awkward moments”… I can almost hear the generic orchestral background music and the soft voice whispering “sometimes we all need to take it just a little easier…”. Harder, silly, HARDER!

OK, it was easy to find love and get sex and everything else through this kind of anonymous game, as if in a parallel universe. And although the overabundance may be debatable, it is still within reason – people want, people need, let´s give it to people.

But to advertise that you can dump someone without the “burden” of facing them – and turn that into a sales pun?….

Technology is supposed to have made us lazy… I am starting to suspect is is instead turning us into cowards.


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