Autodigest returns… illegaler than ever!

Coming soon…

The 4th installment in the Autodigest series of compressed everything: this time around, we are promised all the bootlegs ever.

At a time when the debate on music piracy rages on, it is a good thing to be reminded that the luxurious universe of unofficial recordings is now in its fourth decade and flourishing like never before. If anything, the pressing issue of containing the P2P sharing rampage of official recordings has benefited the underworld: record labels simply cannot be bothered with unofficial recordings when Britney Whatever’s latest opus leaks weeks before release and costs them billions in lost revenue. The irony, of course, is that these free, unofficial recordings are infinitely more exciting than anything Britney Whatever could ever aspire to spit out.

So come check what happens when all unofficial recordings ever committed to tape squeeze into 30 minutes of mayhem. Soon, soon, as soon as the label is figured out.


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