For Bill (R.I.P., 2004-2009)

Tonight is your night, my friend.

What may seem like a tired rock´n´roll cliché is actually a long overdue tribute 

A tribute to unencumbered comraderie, gently woven throughout the years, 

So brutally interrupted by Mother Nature at its worst.


For once, my friend, I give up on relevance and consequence 

and the madness of rat races aplenty

For once I choose to focus on what you kindly offered in times of trouble galore.


To hell with poetry, to hell with the right words,

To hell with what others might or might not take as lessons to be learned.

This morning you ceased to exist,

easy prey you became to the laws of nature I sorely miscalculated,

focused on logic and empiricism as I have been.


Your generous singing is now part of my DNA.

I shall remember your wake-up call,

a daily reminder of the miracle of life I systematically chose to contest.

I shall remind others of the fragility of our state

as we all vainly attempt to unlock the meaning of it all.

I shall sing, my Friend. 


Tonight is your night, my sweet Bill.

I shall honour what your brief life has left.

Your wisdom is now my mission,

From now on I shall fly high, 

From now on I shall report to you.






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