IMHO, this has to be the best piece of news coming out of the European elections:

Sweden’s Pirate Party has won a seat in the European Parliament.

Read all about it here.


I am not praising rampant piracy – I am simply hoping an actual debate concerning the deep, inevitable changes in cultural consumption can finally begin to be taken seriously. I mean, not that long ago the powers that be were arguing that piracy was ruining the lives of corn growers… Which could be translated as something like: “Have you done your good deed of the day and bought your megasize bucket of salty popcorn at your local multiplex, baby?”

On another note… why do kids insist on consuming Britney´s latest, anyway? There are huge wells of outstanding, copyright-free music and movies being made as we speak. So dig into those, will ya?

For a deeper perspective into it all, this is the one to go for. Do your homework.


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