Obscura, obscure, obscuro…

… you get the drift, it´s only a vowel at the very end, anyway. Weird, creepy, fringe, spooky, exciting… you name it: advertising has been hunting it down for decades. So you know it must be good – before processing, that is. Eno used to run a label under this flag. Pretty run-of-the mill stuff these days, but back then it must have been the epitome of anti-establishment intellectualism. I still enjoy Eastley, Budd and Adams on occasion. And Nyman – his only work of genius was here, everything else afterwards was just too overbloated and impossible to digest.

So………… Obscura.

Someone at UTA-P tipped me to this: Atlas Obscura.

Come on, guys… you know Portugal. It is the epitome of weird – in a subtle, pseudo-conservative, not-always-fun kind of way. Let´s turn the tables then……..

Please contribute to Atlas Obscura and help acknowledge Portugal as the Official Worldwide Capital of Weird it has been all along. I mean, this is what is going on in Austin… what have we got to lose?


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