The Inevitable Michael Jackson Post

When I read the news on that day, at 10h30pm local time, I had the chance to follow the unfolding of events in real time on the web, as, one by one, news outlets confirmed his death. I must confess I didn´t feel much emotion – MJ is an icon, and the actual person behind the icon we will never actually know, however much we keep forgetting this – but, interested in media studies as I am, it was fascinating to follow the huge storm unfolding exponentially in sites, forums, fan communities.

Then I said to myself: “here´s a subject I will not write about, except possibly on an academic paper, referring to the media phenomenon”. Sounds terribly snobbish, but I´m being honest – I was immediately aware that we would be endlessly bombarded with viewpoints, tributes, poems, essays, opinions. I felt like I had nothing to add about MJ, the persona.

I still think I have nothing to say. But this evening I came across the best words I´ve ever read about him. Really, it´s a short yet monumental essay.


The comments aren´t bad either.



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