That Brussels Vibe

A silence at this particular hangout usually means a flurry of hyperactivity on other fronts. Such is the case these days, when academia has been keeping me beyond busy. That, and a new project entitled THE MAGNETIC OTHER, which is keeping me beyond excited. More on this soon.

So… Brussels. Inevitably revisiting Tuxedomoon and my glorious Summer of ´87, when I got my first taste of suburban life in a foreign city, interviewed Steven Brown for Blitz, and bought tons of used vinyl including the Rip Rig and Panic LPs missing in my collection (their entire catalogue of 12″ singles would miraculously land on my lap a few years later in Chicago).

Meeting Isabelle Corbisier, author of Tuxedomoon´s exceptional bio, tomorrow for coffee.

Good old Blaine!

I see a trend taking shape…


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