a new opus by


available now



call it a xmas present if you wish.

Recorded 2002-2009 in Porto, Aveiro, Viseu, London and Istanbul.
Mixed in Aveiro, December 2009. Mastered in Porto, December 2009.
For the purpose of this exercise, un consisted of Anselmo Canha, Heitor Alvelos, José Maria Lopes.
Special guests (mostly unbeknownst to themselves) included Tiago Videira, Len Massey, The Awarehouse Harmonica Orchestra, various temporary inhabitants of Maus Hábitos, numerous pop stars from the 1980s, and hundreds of Bosphorous seagulls and miscellaneous birds. Others there were but we leave it at that.
We love you all and all that.

un© 2017 un.

Currently on the jukebox, besides the above:

Donna Summer – Lush Life

Prince – Wonderful Ass

Stanley Cowell – El Space-O

Robert Mitchell – Ocean (in a small hand)


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