This “museum of me” thing is one of the most depressing pieces of useless drivel I’ve seen recently. An algorithmic glorification of the vacuum, all slick surface, no meaningful content. Just slick sh*t lifted from this fast-food version of the web called facebook. Is it supposed to make us feel all important because we have a “museum of me”? Me me me me me me me stuff.

Look, there IS a museum in each one of us. A lifetime of stories, struggles, emotions, discoveries, difficulties, challenges, happiness, hesitance, fears, failures, intimacies, redemptions, deaths, discoveries, beginnings, ends. What is worthy of longevity in our lives is certainly not some freakin facebook keyword or a low-res gif of our best “friends”.

Baudrillard would be proud. Between the ipad-kidney story and this kind of depressing, self-centered syndrome, it is becoming increasingly hard to navigate in hyperconformism.


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