The Day Comes

The day comes
when the eyes open and the world seems changed
the body begs not to exist, and yet it feels, it never felt before
the past a vast ocean of indifference and forensic resentment
it begs liberation, elevation, we re-create.

What excited us beyond belief is now stale, abandoned
a language is lacking to describe and construct
missions once suspected now face this urgency, this abyss,
and fear is gone, entirely, a strength unsuspected
rescued from unspeakable despair, we rise.

The day comes and anger is now poise
We wake up, at last, all colours blossom, they bleed
Pride resurrected, miraculously, shame cashed in its entirety.

There once was a word I did not understand
It is now the essence:
It is Dignity.

for A.


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