“Couldn’t this lengthy therapy be replaced by tranquilising drugs?”


My piece for Touch30 was called “30 years of Touch in 30 seconds, plus 3 bonus seconds”. I mechanically mashed up 90 tracks from Touch’s catalogue, until an essence was obtained.

Not quite white noise, more like an amplified resonance of the immense inevitability of this 30-year-old-and-still-prescient proposal. The short length was both dictated by scheduling, and a want to comment on the endemic compulsion towards impatient entertainment and euphoric haze we seem to be experiencing.

The end sample, “Couldn’t this lengthy therapy be replaced by tranquilising drugs?”, is an ode to our current conundrum: a personal mission of self-enlightenment in an increasingly complex equation (and yes, we’re all on our own on this one), versus a visceral need for sheer relief.

The 3 bonus seconds are there simply as a requiem to our over-reaching expectations.

Listen here.



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