From hormonal to codified

A whole potential freakin’ PhD thesis on this video. Footnotes for my April 27 lecture, The Revenge of Kitsch.

So, grandpa plays game and does the Bieber karaoke while granddaughter rolls on the floor and proceeds to post it on youtube. Where to start?….

Obvious aside: grandpa does wipe the floor with Bieber, and we are at an age where our perception and expanded repertoire do enable us to see all this as avant-garde.

So, what can be said about the hilarity of the video?

The vertigo of a double-generational ditch where the rituals of seduction have changed intrinsically, from hormonal to codified?
Is there condescendence towards grandpa?
Is there exploitation, as she tries to break him through as a viral internet phenomenon?
Is there gratitude, as intuitively granddaughter would know grandpa has just opened up a window of authenticity where fewer and fewer are left?
Does the hilarity derive from the tacit assumption that eroticism fades out at a certain age, i.e. old people cannot scream “Baby” and mean it?….

All of the above and more, I suspect.

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