sensual turned surgical

New paper being born: “Scraping the Barrel of Analogue Amnesia: the soft rescue of magnetic obscurity over the final embers of ‘expanded’ pop stardom” – for “Music and Law” reader. Deadline approaching too fast for all that needs to be said….. aaaarrrgh!

A sample, then.

So much of what is rescued from past sound production and recording is infinitely more engaging than what is nowadays promoted and celebrated as worthy of attention within music production. Turbo tits, autotune, weightless FX, scandals, meat dresses, the omnipresent iStuff. Meanwhile, analogue embers of obscurity weave a landscape of possibilities, inviting the listener towards an expanded act of listening, unraveling, challenging.

This is why MJ could not survive: he was a transitional figure, and his role was finished: sensual turned surgical, grace grown beyond its own embodiment. Bieber can only aspire at being a caricature of this despair, a random youtube kid gone wrong, his future played backwards, re-living the MJ catastrophe. Superstardom is indeed replaced by either its own predictable pastiche, or the depths of private wisdom. Could it be that the debate on piracy is simply a way of maintaining the spotlight on the noise of option 1?



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