The Stormy Weekend of Doctor Fa Zha

Filming most of the weekend with Bruce Geduldig and Bernadette Martou, assisted by Anselmo Canha and Maria Strecht Almeida. A sketch revolving around the grim fate of analogue tape, and an ominous doctor’s efforts to alleviate the pain of the tape creature’s inevitable demise. The next stage for Antifluffy, Tapeman, futureplaces et al, all these ideas floating in our minds throughout long, lazy weekend afternoons-evenings in the last few months. Eulogies for obliquity, illegibility, nostalgia, materiality – mechanics returning as its own simulation, a cage-like fait divers, a child-like curiosity.

Hey, it was a LOT of fun, and a great learning experience. The whole thing held a beautiful balance between a draft-like quality and the efficiency of professionals: B+B, you do know what you’re doing. Thanks for this, it truly rocked, I felt blessed to be in your hands! I hope one day we’re able to share the outcomes. Now back to paper reviews with a regenerated soul!