SXSWEDU wraps up

SXSW EDU coming to an end. It’s been a very productive experience, a great addition to the SXSW constellation.

Random notes:

Met with Ron Reed and the SXSW Board of Advisors. Excellent bunch. Conspired with Mirko Whitfield and Denis Brehm on what the heck next.

European perspectives need to be brought in more expressively: as we put it, let’s attempt to converge pragmatism and obliquity. In truth, global discourse in general has a space for growth.

Met Erin, fellow School of the Art Institute of Chicago alumna at the EDU show, and found out we have a good friend in common. Always a pleasure to witness the small world we gravitate in.

At the same exhibition, to see 14-year-olds developing valid scientific projects, applying rigorous methodologies and reporting the outcomes, was incredibly inspiring.

SXSW is now scanning session attendance, no doubt providing statistics regarding popularity, tendencies, etc. The scary bit: they don’t scan a barcode in your badge. There isn’t a barcode. They scan your face pic.

Attended Tom Standage’s excellent talk “History of the World in Six Drinks”, courtesy of The Economist / IC2.

The Zombie session looked a bit lightweight but actually delivered.

Filmed a car park demolition and recorded plane take-offs.

Wish I’d had the chance to give the testimony of our PhDDesign+UPTEC partnership at the “startups and teachers need to talk” session. No-one mentioned what for us has been a crucial aspect: informal, daily coexistence, sharing location and habits, being neighbors. The session ran out of time, so alas I did not speak. 2015, here we come!

And then there’s this chandelier on ballroom B (session: Transforming Your City: A Collaborative Approach). I think it’s Antifluffy in drag, hovering over the iPad-entranced mass.