Sept 5 = Stopestra 7!

Tomorrow will be my fifth gig as a member of Stopestra: it’s been a fantastic few days rehearsing and getting it all together. After 4 years there’s a real sense of comraderie and affection, and this is such an essential ingredient of the extraordinarily celebratory vibe throughout!

I have moved from being an (almost) exclusive singer to being a sound carrier, i.e. dropping samples, atmospheres, frequencies and sonic randomness and expansion. Really happy with this new role, so expect me smiling throughout. Mind you, I will still growl occasionally into a microphone.

It’s in Porto, 9:30PM @ Avenida dos Aliados. Outdoors. Free. Come and rock yourself out with us for an ecstatic hour!


[Rehearsing @ CCStop, Sept 1. Photo by Paulo Cunha Martins]