A short closing remark for the 2014 edition of futureplaces


What a journey these four days have been! An unlikely edition, this one – many constraints, including a string of unavailabilities, bad weather, shrinking resources. Guess what: it was by far the most driven and participated edition of futureplaces. The sense of discovery, urgency, epiphany often wove itself to a point that is just beyond words. A benevolent anger, I called it on day one. Little did I know how much this energy would accomplish in four days.

What a GREAT pleasure to lead a team who is not afraid to take a leap into unknown creative territories. And the team is expanding, both in numbers, pro-activity and commitment.

This ongoing work is too good and too urgent to be hanging around waiting for FP2015. In the absence of a full-time staff all else seems to take priority in between editions, but we will have to ensure this is no longer the case. We will reconvene SOON. Meanwhile, a day of well-deserved rest for all is certainly due. And so well-earned.

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