Keep the symptoms

The NoPhone proposes a phone that does nothing – or simply reverts the rituals of iTech back into the tangible World. It looks like a phone but offers no connection, no services, no apps. It has a mirror for you to worship your non-photoshoppy look. It allows you to fidget the little thing between your fingers, sort of like ex-smokers who need to keep their hands busy.  It’s apparently capturing the attention and adoration of hipsters and kawaii-hunters. Cute lil gadget, innit?

As far as cute goes, indeed it is. Yet I can’t help being haunted by what it proposes, once the surface of ironic digital frugality has been scraped: keep all symptoms of compulsive use of portable media, get rid of the associated efficiency. You can (and should?) still look and act and feel addicted: that’s fine and dandy, a good idea even. How about taking a deep breath instead? Then again, I remember this.