The Fun X-Ray

Barajas airport now has an x-ray queue for kids only. Fluffy colourful lil sign rather than clinical instructions, some toys on the side… We are obviously prevented from photographing it, but not from commenting on it. Yet.
One asks: why an x-ray queue for kids?

On the surface one may answer: “Good idea. This will be less traumatic for the kids, it will be faster and less messy for other passengers”, or something to this effect.

Actually, I believe it’s part of a new kind of “normalcy” creating roots in all kinds of sectors: where the acceptance of martial rituals is supposed to occur from early age, so it doesn’t get questioned. Like breathing, it will have been around since we were born. A cute little game. Ah Europe, the dream of a humanist federation heading towards a military state.

A variation is to be found at a Reuters photo from last week’s press, as anti-terror budgets were being approved in France: men with machine guns patrol the Notre Dame Square. The pun, however, is not the military figure: it’s the lady on the bike, quietly accepting the rituals of war as part of her daily routine. One unreadable gesture and…

Back to Barajas: this merging of childish entertainment and anti-terrorist implementations is a deeply unsettling one. It points towards a very, very dysfunctional future, paved with an inability to discern catastrophe from banality. Oh wait…