On the release of “Faith”

Solo CD for Touch, TO:97, 2015

Author’s Statement


The present sound piece has been patiently awaiting its time. Autobiographical as it is, it needed to find the moment of its resonance, a purpose beyond myself and itself.

The time is now, in face of a hunch-turned-evidence that our current apparent loss of existential purpose may be a consequence of the perversion of our lexical wealth, a corruption of the sacred correspondences between human activity and its linguistic translation: so many keywords currently betray their original purpose, in constructions that are both reductive and paradoxical.

A way of balancing out this lexical hysteria has been an investment on a pedagogy of perception, of a mostly acoustic nature, in order to understand, connect and incorporate what the World says beyond our toxic attempts at a translation; another way has been the acknowledgment of the deeply intimate as a regenerative force: fragility, humility, desolation, trauma. Their honouring has gradually become an individual path towards reconciliation; and in turn, I hope this reconciliation resonates.

Heitor Alvelos, 2015