A referendum on the meaning of the referendum?

I humbly admit to knowing very little about the Greek referendum, despite (of maybe because of) the media barrage that echoes it from afar. I have been reading and following, but keep feeling that the actual, quasi-catastrophic reality does not translate fully into the various media agendas, used to templates and sound bytes as they are.

Yet from this distance it certainly feels to me like there is a lot of uncertainty as to what -exactly- the “yes” and “no” are supposed to mean: 
Is the “no” strictly applicable to the proposed bailout deal, not touching the EU membership?
Is the “yes” a vote against the government, or should it be strictly regarded as a vote for the bailout conditions, that PM Tsipras should therefore swallow?
Were the details of the bailout officially communicated and explained in detail? Same for the governmental counter-proposals?
If the bailout terms have been withdrawn, what tangible implications will a vote have on the negotiations?
Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

It seems to me that the next step after the referendum outcome, whichever it might be, will be a chaotic, complex and painful interpretation of what it meant. Maybe there will be a second referendum on which interpretation should be upheld.
Throughout it all, I send love, strength and solidarity to my Greek friends at this crucial time in History.