And all of a sudden, Santana.

There is something remarkable about the times we live in when it comes to pop music. Amongst all the X-Factors and the odd exercise in pointless revivalism, suddenly a miraculous short-circuit comes out of nowhere and hits you like you didn’t think possible.

The original Santana line-up have reunited and picked up where they left off, forty-freaking-five years ago. I had long given up on good ole’ Carlos, yet the new “Santana IV” manages to sound both like a genuine tribute to a golden era (yes, Woodstock), and genuinely visceral in this day and age of saturated calculism.

That intoxicating mix of Latin vibrancy and Bay Area-drenched longing breathes intact on tracks such as “Fillmore East”. Add the urgency of the times and all is in place.

Welcome back, Santana!