“Shining bright in the black of night”


We were going to release this track in two days time, just before Xmas: a tribute to our dearest Bruce and Bernadette who sadly departed in the last two years. But then it hit us: what better tribute to the cosmic energy B&B created and shared so abundantly, than releasing it on the night of the Winter solstice, 2016?

“Carry On” is a gentle ballad by Microdot (AKA Luc van Lieshout, Bruce Geduldig and Bernadette Martou), and it became a touchstone of the live premiere of Antifluffy at futureplaces 2013, as embodied on the occasion by B&B, no less.

The VHS monster emerged as a shared vision as we brainstormed our way into FP2013, and it subsequently splintered into the permanent FP mascot while doubling as “Tapeman” on the Tuxedomoon universe – Bruce and I agreed that embracing the paradoxes of semantic ubiquity, concurrent coexistence and multi-labelling was the way to go: go forth and multiply, we need as much antidote to fluff as we can summon. For a while it was glorious (and there is still quite a bit on our AV archives of Bruce and Bernadette’s time in Porto, 2013-2014)… Then they crossed the Atlantic and things just unraveled.

As news of Bernadette’s passing reached us in early April 2015, our team in Porto decided to record a mournful version of what had somehow become the tacit anthem of our glorious two years together in Porto.

Later that month I flew to Brussels to console Bruce in his mourning (my reflections on this time can be found elsewhere on this blog)… I did deliver this song tribute to Bruce, and on a quiet evening after dinner Isabelle, Bruce and myself listened to it attentively. Bruce kept his eyes closed and seemed immersed in memory and melancholy. He smiled throughout. He took the CD with him back to the U.S. a couple of days later…

Two more CD copies of this version were offered one year on, at Bruce’s memorial in Brussels, to Janet Geduldig Cook and Luc van Lieshout – Bruce’s sister and song author, respectively. We are so thankful to Luc for immediately agreeing to let us release it.

The Microdot original is obviously much, much better – it radiates the soul of all involved. Our version is a sketch, a rough attempt at turning a cosmic anthem into a heavy-hearted memorial tribute. It could have been polished, but then again that wasn’t the point: we wanted it to reach Bruce in time and in person. And it did: he smiled, eyes closed, swaying gently, reminiscing as he listened.

We miss you so much.

Listen / download “Carry On” by Before Surgery (free)