Hubris and Amnesia


For the second time in less than a year, the UK is thrown into political chaos by people who seem happy to perform their political duties as if society was a gambling table at their disposal. I’d argue this ongoing “mayhem” is a direct consequence of their hubris – and their apparently purposeful ignorance of the reversion of this mythological concept into our present times.

Mythology exists for a reason, and that is to provide us with templates regarding our existential conundrums; these templates repeat themselves over and over throughout History. It is dangerous to turn one’s back on them if attempting to lead.

I believe this recent turmoil is partly due to the fact that this mythological wisdom has been largely thrown out by a significant part of our leaders, and that’s where this sense of chaos is stemming from: a pervasive amnesia, an uprootedness of our social fabric and of its patterns throughout History. Well, it looks like the “pagan gods” are waking up. 

The problem is, most current leaders can’t seem to see or acknowledge these “gods” (the citizens): they expect their own role to be tactical rather than redemptive.

(Engraving by Gustave Doré, 1866)