Klaus Schulze is 70 years old today. He almost single-handedly provided the soundtrack to a year or so in my youth when I became obsessively immersed in his sequencer-driven soundscapes. His LPs were non-existent (or extremely hard to find) in Portuguese shops, so I mail-ordered whatever I found in specialist magazines, and grabbed whatever else I could get my hands on when on vacation abroad.

His string of first ten albums, from Irrlicht to “X”, is in many ways a “greatesthits” of the then-called Berlin school (Well, I’ll save some well-deserved space in the pantheon for Zeit, Phaedra and Rubycon by Tangerine Dream). 

He seemed to have lost the plot afterwards for a while, save for the occasional glimpse of brilliance (Trancefer, 1982, is unmissable). I drifted away myself. But then, occasionally, out of the blue comes a gem such as Kontinuum from 2007 – in many ways an update on the superlative Mirage, from 1977. 

Happy Birthday then, KS. And thanks for the sounds.