Grainy evidence of a kid onstage

Blimey, what a time warp… That kid on the white cap is me onstage screaming off the top of my lungs in 1987 at the mythical Rock Rendez Vous in Lisbon. Sharing the photo are Helena Soares and José Maria Lopes; off the pic but on stage were also Anselmo Canha, Orquídea Calisto and Paulo Solá.

Somehow RTP got hold of some dusty photos somewhere… Media was so scare, we were left with little more than our memories. Everything was scarce, actually, and yet so many of us kids just went for it, trying things out without a safety net – financial, aesthetic, technical, or otherwise. A peripheral version of post-punk, based on the few echoes we scrounged from late-night radio and hiss-infested third-generation tapes of expensive import LPs. Like the grain on this photo, really.