The Batman Shave

When I was a kid there was the odd spin-off product stemming from the fantasy world of comic books. Of course, the highly aggressive and intricate marketing strategies of today were non-existent, but still… kids would get their pretend shaving cream with the Batman logo and the like. You played with your legos, you played with your toys, you shaved like Batman.

Fascinating to watch how in 2017 this very same template has been brought to adult consumer habits and expectations. As a 51 year old, am I expected to shave my long beard off as Batman would? Or is this product targeted towards young men barely out of puberty?…

Actually, possibly one more evidence that the current consumerist template bets on a sort of perpetual child in all of us; and yet, the aesthetics have gone so much darker. The world these super-heroes inhabit is now a brooding dystopia: what exactly is the point of a clean shave amongst the apocalypse?

Maybe we can add the nostalgia factor somewhere in there: as I used to read superhero comics in my youth while listening to Pink Floyd, maybe now I’m expected to listen to the “Dark Side of the Moon” 6-CD mega-remaster extravaganza while shaving like the super-heroes I used to witness saving the world on a regular basis a few decades ago.

I’ll stick to trimming for the time being, thank you very much. Now, where did I put my Spider-man beard trimmer?