Telectu 2018

I remember the release of BELZEBU and how it completely entranced me back in the mid-1980s… OFF OFF and HALLEY subsequently cemented my commitment to Jorge Lima Barreto’s musical vision, seemingly too exotic for our local aesthetics, then fully focused on a host of pop and rock acts. I still have these recordings and a few more, and play them occasionally. IMHO they have aged very well.

None of my friends seemed to share my deep interest in Telectu back then, some were even hostile – maybe due to the fact that Vítor Rua had traded the promise of stardom with GNR for these foreboding, hermetic corridors of avant-garde. Telectu thus became a solitary pleasure for a while; I found a few kindred spirits throughout the years, but all seemed to happen off the radar somehow.

I commend Vítor Rua on this revisitation. It is an essential page of Portuguese avant-garde electronica that does need to be properly acknowledged and remembered. It is unlikely I’ll be able to make it, but hopefully this occasion will be repeated.