A short reflection on “Eco-Visionaries”

MAAT’s exhibition-manifesto “Eco-Visionaries” feels like a mixed bag – personally I’m not entirely sure it fulfils the pedagogical/activist premise: as the environment seems so geared towards aesthetics and entertainment, there is a danger of emptying the urgency of the subject. Its magnitude may end up distracting from the necessary engagement with the most poignant pieces: I saw this happen as visitors sampled in passing some of the videos that need to be watched in full in order to leave an effective imprint.

However, I do not want to detract from what is mostly an impressive exhibition, definitely worth checking out. Two pieces in particular, IMHO: Superflex’s “Flooded McDonald’s” video is a hypnotic experience where an abandoned fast food joint is gradually submerged in full; and Rimini Protokoll’s “win >< win” installation is a blueprint for what “interactive” can actually accomplish beyond mere sensor-triggered random noise.