An unsung hero

Thomas Leer is one of the great unsung heroes of the 1980s… supremely talented, with a gorgeous voice and a gift for melody and groove and texture -and- mood, his career somehow never really took off. A cult-like figure of the indie/electronic scene (“Contradictions LP” is pure gold), he proceeded to try pop (“Scale of Ten”) but just wasn’t able to compete with the giants. Then again, he may have made too many concessions at this point…

His luck seemed to be on the verge of changing when ZTT teamed him up with Claudia Brucken of then-imploded Propaganda, but the duo committed the “sin” of extending the shiny aesthetics of the label’s rooster as these were going out of fashion. Act, a gem of a band, flopped… and Thomas Leer seemed to fall off the radar.

Guess again: he is still very much following his muse… in his own terms. His nocturnal, promiscuous sounds of yore still hunting down their own traces and reconfiguring feverishly.
Highly recommended. A sample of his online shop here

… and a classic: