Older and unpublished content, along with published book chapters and a selection of blog posts.
Additionally, here is the MANOBRAS NO PORTO book I edited and art directed. Free download.


2019 The Metric Selfie

2017 NoiseWise

2016 On Artificial Aesthetics

2015 Why it makes sense to speak of emancipation: an overview of futureplaces as a current space for Punk to rise and reinvent. in KISMIF Reader (PDF).

2015 On the Release of Faith (author’s statement)

2014 A Revolução é Individual (interview for Ponto Final)

2014 Dissolution as Reinvention

2014 Every Banknote a Flyer

2014 A Vertigo of Orthodoxy. in BID5 proceedings, pp 76/77 (PDF).

2014 Seven Private Epiphanies

2013 On the Death of Eroticism

2013 Bring Your Tapes (interview for Global Voices)

2013 Noah’s Ark

2013 The Hijacking of Obliquity

2013 Que Vergonha, Leonilde!

2013 The Revenge of Kitsch

2013 There are Elephants in the Room

2012/12 Between Riot and Rave: five years into a digital media festival

2012/10 Zombies, Júlias e Gabrielas

2012/10 Vais prá Manif? Não t’esqueças de te borrifares com Cacharel.

2012/09 A Voz Simétrica de Paulo de Carvalho

2012/09 Fertilidade

2012/01 Not me, George.

2012/01 Orgulho e Vergonha na abertura de Guimarães 2012

2011/11 The Promise of Rebirth

2011/09 A gaja do Magnum agora anda por Santa Apolónia

2010 Too Much by Too Many?

2010/10 Beyond “Like”

2010/07 Viral animation, trash avant-garde and the symbolic capital of our worst traits:
Bruno Aleixo as a possible template for design in 2012

2010/05 O Vasto Universo do Impirateável

2009/09 The Day Stop Stopped Stopping

2009/08 No Longer Longing: digital media as the agent of contextual change

2008 Um Design Sem Designers?

2007: Graffiti that is not graffiti: urban regeneration, legal loopholes and the rise of “fair vandalism”

2006: A Permanent State of Impermanence

2006 A Polarização da Ambiguidade

2005 On Morgan O’Hara: Empathy in an Age of Mediation (PDF)

2005 PMVP_scene.jpg

2005 The Shield and the Dropsonde

2005 KREV interview, Visão

2004 It’s a tough choice between Reader’s Digest and a Karaoke Night Out (text for CAPC exhibition, jpeg file)

2004 Qual a Medida do Mundo?