Heitor Alvelos

PhD (Royal College of Art 2003), MFA (School of the Art Institute of Chicago 1992)
Cultural operator, designer, sound carrier, media culture researcher.
halvelos @
B. Viseu, Portugal.


Post-doctorate Research Fellow, INESC Porto, 2010-2012.
Ph.D Design / Media Studies. Royal College of Art, London, 2003. Title: The Fabrication of Authenticity: graffiti beyond subculture. FCT scholarship.
MA Visual Communication. School of the Art Institute of Chicago, 1992. Fulbright scholarship, SAIC trustee scholarship, JNICT grant.
BA Communication Design. Universidade do Porto, 1989.

Research Interests

The lexical implications of new media.
The ecology of perception.
Cultural criminology.

Current Posts

Professor of Design / Professor of New Media, Universidade do Porto (since 2003)
Chair, Scientific Board (HSS), Foundation for Science and Technology (Portugal) (member since 2010, Vice-Chair 2013-2016)
Member, Academia Europaea
Course Director, PhD in Design, Universidade do Porto (since 2011)
Curator, FuturePlaces Medialab for Citizenship (since 2008)
Director (Universidade do Porto), ID+: Institute for Research in Design, Media and Culture – Universidade do Porto, Universidade de Aveiro (since 2007).

Board Memberships

Executive Board, The European Academy of Design
Coordination Board (U.Porto): UTAustin – Portugal Program in Digital Media
Advisory Board for Digital Communities, Prix Ars Electronica
Scientific Board, PhD in Digital Media, Universidade do Porto / Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Scientific Board, PhD in Occupational Health and Safety, Universidade do Porto
Associate Editor: The Poster Journal (University of Loughborough, United Kingdom)
Editorial Board: Crime Media Culture (Sage Publications, United Kingdom)
Editorial Board: Radical Designist (IADE, Lisbon)
Editorial Board: :Estúdio (FBA, University of Lisbon)

Former Posts and Board Memberships

Outreach Director, UTAustin-Portugal program for the development in Digital Media (2010-2014)
Advisory Board, Manobras no Porto (2010-13)
General Board, Fundação Gomes Teixeira, Portugal (2007-13)
Head of International Relations, School of Fine Arts, Universidade do Porto (2003-12)
Visiting Tutor, Drawing Studio, Royal College of Art (London, 2001-2012)
Chair, The 9th European Academy of Design Conference, University of Porto (2011)
Course Director, MA Image Design, University of Porto (2006-11)
Course Director, MA Multimedia Arts, University of Porto (2006-10)
Course Director, BA Communication Design, University of Porto (2005-09)
Curator, Nomadic – meetings between art and science (with Maria Strecht: Universidade do Porto, 2009/10)
Chair, Department of Design, Universidade do Porto (2005-09)
Tutor in Drawing, Royal College of Art (1999-2001)

Completed PhD and Post-Doctorate Supervisions

António João Gomes. Almalaguez: tecer o futuro com os fios do passado. Co-supervision. University of Porto, February 2018.
Anselmo Neto Ferreira Canha. 
Uma Geometria de Regeneração: contributos da criação experimental para o espaço comum. Estudos de caso na cidade do Porto. University of Porto, January 2018.
Yoad David Luxembourg.
 Exploring Universal Principles and Parameters in Design. University of Porto, December 2015.
Jorge Manuel Brandão Pereira. Communication design as a strategic constituent for the development of organizations – the input of digital media. University of Porto, September 2015.
Simone Formiga Xavier. As Representações nas Vossas Cabeças: sobre o estereótipo midiático da mulher brasileira no imaginário português. University of Porto, June 2015.
Cláudia Raquel Lima. Biblioteca em Rede: Comunicação Integrada no Contexto das Culturas Participativas. University of Porto, June 2015.
Júlio Fernando Dolbeth e Costa Henriques da Silva. Convergências entre ilustração contemporânea em Portugal e património popular português. University of Porto, December 2014.
Daniel da Cruz Brandão. Museum of Ransom: towards a system for the aggregation and interpretation of contemporary participatory video as contextual cultural heritage. University of Porto, July 2014.
José Carneiro. Provas de Contacto: Identificação de tipologias de apropriação fotográfica em capas de álbuns de música popular. Contributos para uma classificação. University of Porto, January 2014.
Nuno Duarte Martins. Os Media Participativos On-line na Luta contra o Cancro: a trabalho de comunicação de cidadãos e instituições. University of Porto, 2013.
Leonardo Pereira. Princípios Orientadores de Design de Interfaces para Aplicações ITV orientadas para Seniores Portugueses. Co-supervision. University of Porto, 2013.
Luísa Maria Lopes Ribas. The Nature of Sound-Image Relations in Digital Interactive Systems. University of Porto, 2012.
João José Barros Cruz. The Nature of Exploration in Database Art Practices. University of Porto, 2011.
José Miguel Carvalhais Fonseca. Towards a Model for Artificial Aesthetics: Contributions to the Study of Creative Practices in Procedural Systems. University of Porto, February 2011.
Bruno Sérgio Gonçalves Giesteira. Interaction Design in Auditory User Interfaces: neurophysiological approach leading to visual and auditory stimuly correlations. Co-supervision. University of Porto, 2010.
João Adriano Fernandes Rangel. A Imagem Documental na Construção de uma Memória Cultural Futura. University of Porto, November 2009.
Susana Cruz Barreto (post-doctorate). The Ethical Implications of Global Design: a visual interpretative analysis of global images in the context of Porto. Central Saint Martins / University of Porto, 2007-10.

Editions, Publications (selection)

2012 – present Co-directs the random music label 3:33 with Philip Marshall, Leslie Winer and Anselmo Canha.
2004 – present
 Autodigest. Edition of media documents detailing the collapse and regeneration of contemporary popular culture. Ash International, Crónica Electrónica, The Tapeworm, Touch.
2017. The Year of the Abyss. Sound piece for TouchRadio, December 2017.
2017. Expectant. Sound piece at Touch Movements, Folio002, Book + CD. Touch, London, UK.
2017. Antifluffy Sings Songs That Will Not Live Forever. CD production for futureplaces, Porto, Portugal.
. Realismo Mágico. CD edition for Radio Manobras, sponsored by DGArtes, Porto, Portugal.
2017 Can Boots Reboot? Audio track on TTW100 “A Can of Worms”. Audio cassette compilation by The Tapeworm.
2016 GRAVITAS. Digital audio edition. Touch Line, October 2016.
2016 The Inauguration of the KREV Consulate for Portugal (with CM von Hausswolff, MSCHarding, Anselmo Canha and Pedro Santos). Audio cassette edition: Ash International 9.3.
2016 TouchRadio 122: JUNTA. Podcast for Touch.
2015 Lima, Alvelos and Fernández. Comunicação integrada no contexto das culturas participativas. Saarbrucken: Novas edições Acadêmicas, 2015.
2015 Foreword to Simão, Emília, et al (eds.). Exploring Psychedelic Trance and Electronic Dance Music in Modern Culture. IGI Global.
2015 Faith. CD. Touch, TO:97, London.
2015 Alvelos, Heitor, Anselmo Canha and Fátima São Simão. Why it makes sense to speak of emancipation: an overview of futureplaces as a current space for Punk to rise and reinvent. in Guerra, Paula, and Moreira, Tânia (eds.). Keep it Simple, Make it Fast! Porto: FLUP, 2015.
2014 Pereira, Jorge, and Heitor Alvelos. Stories of Chairs: Digital Media and Participation in Creative Communication. in Knoblauch, Hubert / Jacobs, Mark / Tuma, René (eds.) Culture, Communication, and Creativity: Reframing the Relations of Media, Knowledge, and Innovation in Society. Frankfurt: Peter Lang, 2014.
2014 The “D” Word: Sete considerações e tácticas em redor da múltipla destituição do Design. in Vilar, Emílio (ed). Design Et Al: Dez Perspectivas Contemporâneas. Lisbon: Dom Quixote, 2014.
2014 A Vertigo of Orthodoxy. in 5º Encuentro BID 2013 proceedings. Madrid: DI_MAD, 2014.
2013 Scraping the Barrel of Analogue Amnesia: The Soft Rescue of Magnetic Obscurity Over the Final Embers of ‘Expanded’ pop Stardom. in Deflem, Mathieu (ed). Sociology of Crime Law and Deviance, Volume 18 – Music and Law. Bingley: Emerald, 2013.
2013 333: Empirical Evidence on the Validity of a Random Music Label in 2013. in Carvalhais, Miguel, and Pedro Tudela (eds.). Mono, volume 2: Cochlear Poetics – Writings on Music and Sound Arts. Porto: University of Porto, 2013.
2012 Graffiti that is not graffiti: urban regeneration, legal loopholes, and the rise of “fair vandalism”. in Vaz-Pinheiro, Gabriela (ed). Relational Spaces. Porto: FBAUP, 2012.
2011 The futureplaces Impromptu All-stars Orchestra: Poststop. CD. Cronica Electronica, Porto.
2011 in Duarte, Frederico, And Max Bruinsma (eds). Useless. Lisbon:EXD.
2011 Shabazz (Revisited) / Nayee (Chumberos Mix). Artwork for music editions by Blind ºº Coyote / Drem Bruinsma.
2011 The Promise of Rebirth. in The Design Journal, Vol. 15, Issue 2, 2011.
2011 Too Much by Too Many? In search of a role for Design.
in Guerrini, Luca (ed). PhD Notes on Design. Milan: Instituto Politecnico di Milano.
2010 Beyond Like: Thoughts on Psychic Octopi, Soft Superstition and Wishful Activism.
In Calling All Futures: an overview of futureplaces, past, present and. Porto: University of Porto/UTAustin-Portugal, October 2010.
2009 Reinventar o Design: notas sobre o ensino e a aprendizagem de uma prática humana. in Sena da Silva. Lisbon: Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.
2009 No Longer Longing: digital media as the agent of contextual change. in futureplaces festival proceedings. Porto: University of Porto.
2009 KREV 6. 7″. Ash International, London.
2006 The Glamour of Grime. Article in Crime Media Culture, Sage Pub
2005 The Desert of Imagination in the City of Signs. Chapter in Cultural Criminology Unleashed reader, Sage
2005 PMVP_scene.jpg (Reality, Perception, Digital). Article in inSi[s]tu
2004 untitled. Track on Gesang der Jünglinge CD, Sirr-ecords
2004 Thoughts on P2P. Article in Margens e Confluências
2003 – 2004 Tracks for Atlantic Waves CDs. Gulbenkian Foundation, London
2002 The Kingdoms of Elgaland-Vargaland. Ash International, 2CD

Lectures, Conferences, Workshops (selection)

2018. Paradox and Joy: closing keynote at UD18, 7th annual design doctoral conference. university of Aveiro, June 2018.
A Urgência da Leitura: round table at Plano Nacional de Leitura 2027. With Luís Castro Mendes, Alexandre Quintanilha and Carlos Vaz Marques. Lisbon: Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, November 2017.
A falência das utopias e a pedagogia da percepção: dez edições de futureplaces. Keynote at IRI XIV, IPP/Biblioteca Almeida Garrett, Porto, November 2017.
Diário da República: heavy-metal as a territory of emancipation from neoliberal hyper-scrutiny. With Anselmo Canha. Invisible Republic international conference, University of Lisbon, October 2017.
 GRAVITAS: a non-linear Cadavre Exquis for times of lexical reduction. With Daniel Brandão. Invisible Republic international conference, University of Lisbon, October 2017.
Dez Edições de FuturePlaces: laboratórios de cidadania. Encontro Nacional de Ciência Cidadã: Ciência Viva / Ciência Aberta / MCTES, Lisbon, October 2017.
 The determinism of noise: deciphering tacit assumptions on innovation. Opening keynote at UD17, sixth forum on doctoral design research. University of Porto, October 2017.
Interpreting +CoA+: a dadaist scientific intervention. With Rui Penha and Anselmo Canha. xCoAx 2017: 5th International Conference on Computation, Communication, Aesthetics & X. Lisbon: University of Lisbon, July 2017.
Anti-Amnesia: Design research as an agent for narrative and material regeneration and reinvention of vanishing Portuguese manufacturing cultures and techniques
. With Susana Barreto, Pedro Carvalho de Almeida and Rui Monteiro. Ciência 2017. Lisbon: FCT/MCTES, July 2017.
Wisdom Transfer: towards the scientific inscription of individual legacies in contexts of retirement from art and design higher education and research
. With Susana Barreto, Pedro Carvalho de Almeida and Rui Monteiro. Ciência 2017. Lisbon: FCT/MCTES, July 2017.
Os Media na Contemporaneidade: utopia e perplexidade. Panel “C2: Ciência e Cultura” at Ciência 2017. Lisbon: FCT/MCTES, July 2017.
 The reciprocal value of Doctoral Design Research when housed within a Creative Business Center: a case study in Porto, Portugal. With Susana Barreto and Fátima São Simão. HEAd’17, 3rd International Conference on Higher Education Advances. Universitat Politécnica de Valéncia, June 2017.
2017. Autodigest: The Concert that Already Happened. Keynote at Creative Jam XIX. Lisbon, Clube de Criativos de Portugal, May 2017.
Cultural and Semantic Components of the Ageing discourse: contributions from design research. With Pedro Carvalho de Almeida and Susana Barreto. Presentation at Porto4Ageing Open Day, U.Porto, May 2017.
Opening address: Bill Fontana “Acoustic Visions”. UCP-CITAR, Porto, March 2017.
A Delirious Science: HSS research in face of a felt reinvention. Keynote at First Human Rights Autumn Retreat, CES/University of Coimbra, November 2016.
Design, Investigação e Multi-disciplinaridade: promessas e perplexidades. Inaugural keynote for Design at the University of Porto’s School of Arts. September 2016.
Closing address at UD16, international forum of doctoral design research. Aveiro: University of Aveiro, July 2016. 
Unexpected Media. Panel “New Forms of Communication” at Ciência 2016. Lisbon: FCT/MCTES, July 2016.
A Contemporary Imperative. Panel “Communication of Science” at Ciência 2016. Lisbon: FCT/MCTES, July 2016.
UTAustin Portugal Program Conference: round table on Future Program Development. Lisbon: Universidade Nova de Lisboa, 24 May 2016. With Nicholas Peppas, Tom Hugues, Amílcar Soares, Fernando Lau, Elvira Fortunato and José Manuel Mendonça.
A premissa psicanalítica da produção mediática: auto-decifração, potlatch de sentido. in VI Encontro Anual da AIM, Universidade Católica/Escola das Artes, Porto, May 2016.
A História Discreta do Rock Alemão: uma re-invenção dos idiomas e expectativas da música popular. Lecture at Universidade Católica, Lisbon, April 2016.
2015 Como a mascote de um medialab tem regulado a sua legibilidade. Session shared with Francesca Rayner. Keynote at Conceitos e Dispositivos de Criação em Artes Performativas symposium, University of Coimbra, November 2015. 
Scale Travels: Round table Moderated by Maija Beeton. International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory Summit 2015, Braga, November 2015.
Chair, UD15: Periphery and Promise. 4th PhD Research Forum in Design. Porto: University of Porto, 2015.
Innovation in Extreme Scenarios. Round table at UPTEC PINC. Porto, October 2015.
Medialabs y Ciudadanos: un testigo trans-semantico en Oporto. Talk at Videosonica: Interconexiones Pacíficas. Alliance Française de Cali / Hiperlab Colombia, October 2015.
Augmented Aesthetics. Round table at PLUNC, Digital Arts and New Media Festival. Lisbon: UTAustin-Portugal, September 2015. With Sally-Jane Norman, Alex Rothera, Fernando Nabais.
The ideological crossroads of the creative act: how a shopping mall became a music hub, and how it might perversely return to consumption mode. in ESA 2015 International Conference, Czech Technical University in Prague, August 2015. With Anselmo Canha.
The illegibility of the creative act: how a shopping mall became a music hub,
and how its exposure may be its worst enemy. in KISMIF international conference, University of Porto, July 2015. With Anselmo Canha and Fátima São Simão.
Consultancy for Trans-Atlantic Platform Social and Cultural Identities: Diversity, (In)equality and Differences Workshop. Hosted by the Arts and Humanities Research Council. London, July 2015.
The Fabrication of Authenticity: further down the semiotic spiral. Keynote at Street Art and Urban Creativity International Seminar. Lisbon: University of Lisbon, July 2015.
2015 Fostering Science & Innovation Ecosystems: Portugal-USA Partnerships. Think tank at Palácio Foz, Lisbon, May 2015.
Artes Digitais: Difusão, Programação e Networking. Panel at Festival In – Inovação e Criatividade. Lisbon: FIL, April 2015. 
Fluff, Fetish and Radars: why “anti” matters. Talk at University of Minho / School of Architecture. Guimarães, April 2015.
Research, Startups, Citizens: all together now. Talk and panel coordination at South By South West EDU. Austin TX, March 2015. 
As Cidades Analíticas na Região do Norte. Workshop by CCDRN. Porto: Casa das Artes, March 2015.
Porque faz ainda sentido falar de emancipação: sete anos de futureplaces. Talk at Construções em Trânsito seminar. Porto: Fundação de Serralves, January 2015.
2014 Antifluffy: ghost of analogue, guardian of introspection. Talk at Livraria Portuguesa, Macau, November 2014.
Local Design Narratives for a Global Context. Workshop for the Macau Institute of European Studies. With Susana Barreto. Macau, November 2014.
Media and Perplexity: researching roles for design in 2014. Lecture at Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design, November 2014.
The Ectoplasm Arises: how Antifluffy came to be the mascot of a medialab for citizenship and other stories of silent perplexity. Talk at Narrative Strategies Symposium 2014: Prototyping the Invisible. Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute, November 2014.
2014 Surgeon of Panic. Keynote at 3rd CIDAG, International Conference on Design and Graphic Arts. Lisbon: ISEC+IPT, October 2014.
Round table: Converging Futures. With Karen Gustafson, António Coelho et al. FuturePlaces / Future Cities, UPTEC PINC, October 2014.
Round table: Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Information. With Jillian York, Len Massey and Sara Moreira. FuturePlaces, UPTEC PINC, October 2014.
Creative Commons International Workshop on Open Education resources. Host and participant at UPTEC PINC, October 2014. 
2014 History and Hysteria: the pungent perfume of derivative resignation. Keynote at Keep It Simple, Make It Fast! Underground music scenes and DIY cultures Conference. University of Porto, July 2014.
2014 Imagens de Impasse, Conversas de Transformação. multidisciplinary cycle curated with Maria Strecht Almeida. Porto, UPTEC PINC, May-June 2014. Guests included Jon Wozencroft, Lino Teixeira and Alexandre Quintanilha.
Imagen Monumental en Tiempo de Volatilidad: Amnesia, Alucinación y Hilaridad. in XIII Festival Internacional del Imagen, Universidad de Caldas / Teatro de los Fundadores. Manizales, Colombia, May 2014.
Diseño, Desolación y Fertilidad: donde estamos ahora? in 8as Jornadas del Diseño, Escuela Superior de Diseño de Aragón, Zaragoza, April 2014.
2013 Indústrias Culturales y Creativas y los Medios Digitales. in Mostra Espanha 2013, Fundação de Serralves, December 2013.
Paradojas de las Nuevas Ortodoxias. Keynote at 5º Encuentro de Centros Iberoamericanos de Enseñanza de Diseño. Bienal Iberoamericana de Diseño, DIMAD, Madrid, November 2013.
2013 Futuros de incerteza, lugares de vulnerabilidade: Propósitos emergentes para a análise, o design e a ação multidisciplinar. in ALTEC, XV Congresso Latino-Iberoamericano de Gestão de Tecnologia. Porto, Alfândega do Porto, October 2013.
2013 Alto e Siga o Baile: o que diz o CCStop das nossas condições de reabilitação. with Anselmo Canha and Fábio Veríssimo. in Porto Património Mundial: boas práticas de reabilitação urbana. ICOMOS, Porto, October 2013.
Re-visitando a Fabricação da Autenticidade. in Retiro Doutoral em Media Digitais: Universidade Aberta + Universidade do Algarve. Óbidos, July 2013.
Design, Investigação e Amnésia: paradoxos do pós-determinismo. in UD13, 2º Encontro Nacional de Doutoramentos em Design. FBAUP, Porto, July 2013.
2013 Design as a Trans-Disciplinary Crossroads. in Culture for All: symposium of international mobility, creative economy and entrepreneurship. Lisbon, June 2013.
2013 Disinformation design: subvertising an underground line. in VI Cycle of Debates on Occupational Safety and Health Research in Portugal. FADEUP, Porto, June 2013.
2013 The Revenge of Kitsch. Encontro Nacional de Estudantes de Design. University of Porto, April 2013.
2013 No Man is an Island! Personal Views (International Design Lecture Series curated by Andrew Howard). ESAD, Matosinhos, January 2013.
2013 Paradigmas socio-culturais emergentes: a perplexidade dos novos media. Forum Fulbright Portugal, Centro de Informação Urbana de Lisboa. Lisbon, January 2013.
2012 Pop Goes Bang: a glance at the ideological implications of listening to pop music in 2012. Richmond University, London, December 2012.
2012 Detours IV. Round table at Guimarães 2012 European Capital of Culture, November 2012.
Between Riot and Rave: five years into a digital media festival. In futureplaces 2012 research symposium. UP Science and Technology Park, Creative Industries Incubator, Porto, October 2012.
2012 The Filter Fails and it’s Ideological. Keynote at Opensound, Goethe Institut Lisbon, July 2012.
2012 Engage, Filter, Expand, Publish: notes on art, science and open publishing. In EngagePress launch, Laboratório de Criação Digital, Universidade do Minho/Guimarães 2012 European Capital of Culture, July 2012.
2012 A pedra e o microfone: apontamentos de humildade, estratégia e protagonismo. In Explorando Redes 2: Ciência na Interface com o Público. Instituto de Ciências Biomédicas Abel Salazar, May 2012.
2012 Investigação em Design: Cirurgia do Caos e Devolução Narrativa. In I Colóquio Multidisciplinar de Artes, Humanidades e Ciências Sociais: Desigualdades, Culturas Urbanas e Inclusão. University of Porto: School of Humanities, April 2012.
Arquivar Cidades: Documento, Ciência, Autoria. Round table with James Elkins. In Centro para os Assuntos da Arte e Arquitectura/Guimarães 2012 European Capital of Culture. Guimarães, February 2012.
 An Attempt to Listen to It All: extreme digital compression as a mechanism for the obsolescence of “personal taste” in popular music. In Austrian Association for American Studies Conference 2011. Salzburg: Schloss Leopoldskron, October 2011.
2011 Grey Area Music Distribution. Lecture and panel discussion at Syracuse University, London campus, October 2011.
2011 Drafts of Discreet Revolutions. In Futur En Seine. Paris: Le Cent-Quatre, June 2011.
2011 Chair: The Endless End, the 9th European Academy of Design Conference. Porto: University of Porto, May 2011.
2011 Neither Moguls nor Pirates: Grey Area Music Distribution. In South By South West Interactive 2011. Austin: SXSW, March 2011.
2011 Chairing of the Portuguese delegation to the First Annual Technology Summit at South By South West. Austin: SXSW, March 2011.
2010 Unraveling a map of possibilities: towards the establishment of an academic tradition of Research in the Arts. In Workshop on Arts Research. Faro: University of Algarve.
2010 Neither Moguls nor Pirates: Grey Area Music Distribution. In Codebits. Lisbon: Sapo Codebits, November 2010.
2010 Between kick-ass remixes and a vague sense of belonging: the artist dies again. In Olhares de Outono international conference. Porto: Universidade Católica Portuguesa, November 2010.
2010 Chairing of Professor Christopher Frayling keynote address, Ciência 2010 Research Labs Symposium. Lisbon: Lisbon Conference Center, Portugal.
2010 Art as Research: parallel universes, the stigma of originality and the rebirth of consequence. GEAR-Up: What and How in Practice Based Research. Universidade da Beira Interior, Covilhã, Portugal.
2010 The search for authenticity. Forum on Interactive Technologies and Services for Digital Media. Carnegie Mellon University / Universidade da Madeira. Pavilhão do Conhecimento, Lisbon, Portugal.
2010 Science and Art. Diálogos com a Ciência, University of Porto.
2009 The Work of Art in the Era of Hyper-Objects. Conference session with Bragança de Miranda and Paolo Rosa. Artes, Ideias, Academia: Clube Português de Artes e Ideias, Lisbon, Portugal.
2009 Can Design Turn a Bankrupt Shopping Mall into a Music Factory? (with Anselmo Canha, MA). 40IADE40 conference, IADE, Lisbon, Portugal.
2009 Music as Research: the case of C.C.Stop (with Anselmo Canha, MA). Ciência 2009 Research Labs symposium, Pavilhão do Conhecimento, Lisbon, Portugal.
2009 Non-Places as New Monuments: urban regeneration through symbolic representation. Centro Português de Fotografia, Porto, Portugal.
2009 Strategies towards the Enhancement of the Symbolic Value of Portuguese Artifacts (with Vasco Branco). Eighth European Academy of Design conference, Aberdeen, Scotland.
2009 Science, Innovation and Knowledge. Lecture and round table on cycle Triangles of Knowledge, with Mariano Gago, Luís Filipe Sousa Barreto, Luís Portela. Câmara Municipal do Porto, Portugal.
2008 The Role of Participatory Media in the Development of Local Communities and Identities. Ciência 2008 Research Labs symposium, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon.
2008 Virtual Scandal and Sacrilege: Who´s GrieFing Now? Panel Chair, South By Southwest Interactive. Austin TX, U.S.A.
2007 Future Listening. Sabanci University, Istanbul.
2007 The Rise of “Fair Vandalism”. Detours, Transforma, Torres Vedras
2007 Cool Consumerism. American Studies conference, Universidade de Lisboa
2006 Plus Minus: a case study of unofficial public communication. Public Art conference, Universidade do Porto
2006 The Reversible Murder of Reality. Second Cultural Criminology Conference, University of Kent
2005 Personal Views (International Design Lecture Series curated by Andrew Howard). ESAD, Matosinhos
2005 Unofficial Urban Communication in Portugal. School of Fine Arts, Univ. de Pais Vasco, Bilbao
2004 A Draft Encyclopedia of Fabricated Transgression. University of Bacer Sehir, Istanbul.

Showcases (selection)

November 2017. New Direction. Visuals for Freakpower concert, Luzern. With Daniel Brandão.
October 2017.
Kaminhus di Férru. Concert with Steven Brown, Rádio Manobras and guests. Passos Manuel, Porto.
October-November 2017.
Fly in the Face of Fluff. Solo exhibition at Maus Hábitos, Porto.
July 2017. 
+CoA+: a dadaist scientific intervention. Concert with Rui Penha, Anselmo Canha, Anabela Duarte and Joaquín Diaz. xCoAx performances, Galeria Zé dos Bois, Lisbon.
June-July 2017. 
Sexualidades, erotismo y diversidad en la Colección Visible. Group exhibition curated by Pablo Peinado. IFEMA/Feria de Madrid.
June 2016.
Vidas Trans y Cien Artistas. Group exhibition curated by Pablo Peinado. Parque del Buen Retiro, Madrid.
April – September 2016. 
Trauma After Trauma. in Objects After Objects, XXI Triennale International Exhibition Milan 2016.
February 2016.
 Vera Icon’s False Friends. Group exhibition curated by David Trullo. Factoria de Arte y Desarrollo, Madrid.
October 2015.
Gravitas. Concert with Anabela Duarte, Jono Podmore a.o. at Passos Manuel, Porto, Portugal.
October 2015.
The Hotel of Somnambulists. With Jaime Munárriz. Matéria Prima, Porto, Portugal.
October 2015.
Vox Express. Scientific Pop Recital with Anabela Duarte, Anselmo Canha a.o. at Passos Manuel, Porto, Portugal.
July 2015.
Before Surgery: No Punk, No Science, No Now. Scientific recital at KISMIF, Casa da Música, Porto, Portugal.
July 2015.
Shibuya Kraut. DJ set at Festival Comum, Porto, Portugal.
April 2015. 
Membrana Telemática: tele-espacios activos
. Org. Cristian Lizarralde. Festival de La Imagen, Manizales, Colombia.
October 2014. 
FuturePlaces Impromptu All-Stars Orchestra: Crooning Through Chaos. Passos Manuel, Porto, Portugal.
October 2014. 
The Ear of Fear. With Len Massey. FuturePlaces, Sonoscopia, Porto, Portugal.
October 2014. 
The Oportosmouth Sinfonia: Guitar Anti-Hero. FuturePlaces, Passos Manuel, Porto, Portugal.
July – September 2014. 
Actor in “Tapeman”, video by Bruce Geduldig for Tuxedomoon European tours.
September 2014. 
Free Tape. Tapeworm’s Bunch of Fives @ Café OTO, London, UK.
September 2014. 
Stopestra 7. Casa da Música / Porto Lazer, Porto, Portugal.
June 2014. Nozes. Improvised chamber music. Passos Manuel, Porto, Portugal.
June 2014. 
Images We Touch, premiere of sound piece Faith to film by Jon Wozencroft. Passos Manuel, Porto, Portugal.
November 2013. 
Daft Phunk. with Bruce Geduldig, Philip Marshall, Anselmo Canha, Paulo Cunha Martins, Pedro Cunha a.o. Maus Habitos, Porto, Portugal.
October 2013. 
Night of the Living Worms. with Andrew Poppy, Dale Cornish, Philip Marshall. Passos Manuel, Porto, Portugal.
October 2013.
 Magnetic Lullabies. Sonoscopia, Porto, Portugal.
September 2013. Stopestra 6. Teatro Viriato, Viseu, Portugal.
September 2013. Stopestra 5. Hard Club, Porto, Portugal.
August 2013. Jazz Em Desgosto. Org Sonoscopia, Porto, Portugal.
July 2013. Radio-Tape-Vinyl-TOM. Series of three concerts curated by Vítor Joaquim. Passos Manuel, Porto, Portugal.
December 2012. Touch30. Live at beaconsfield, London. UK.
June 2012. Stopestra 4. Optimus Primavera Sound, Porto, Portugal.
December 2011. Call to Prayer. Natal dos Experimentais. Passos Manuel, Porto, Portugal.
October 2011. Stopestra 3. Manobras no Porto, Praça Gomes Teixeira, Porto, Portugal.
June 2011. It’s Raining Families. Curatorship for NGO Visible. Espacio Cruz Roja, Madrid, Spain.
March 2010. future places re-imagined. Pavilhão do Conhecimento, Lisbon, Portugal.
March 2010. Endless Ends: future places re-sampled. South By South West Interactive/Austin Museum of Digital Art. Austin, Texas.
February 2010. Man-virus: trans-disciplinary bridges. Event series coordination at Maus Hábitos, Porto, Portugal.
December 2009. Zombie Karaoke. Natal dos Experimentais. Passos Manuel, Porto, Portugal.
September 2009. Inauguration of KREV Consulate. With MSC Harding and CM von Hausswolff. Teatro Maria Matos, Lisbon, Portugal.
July 2009. The Paper Into Sound Orchestra. Closing concert of the International Conference on Technology Policy and Innovation. Casa da Música, Porto, Portugal.
November 2008. Curatorship of FUTURE PLACES exhibition at Portugal Tecnológico. FIL, Lisbon, Portugal.
October 2008. Future Places Impromptu All-Stars Orchestra. Casa da Música, Porto, Portugal.
April 2008. Autodigest. Casa da Música, Porto, Portugal.
October 2007. Touch25. London, UK.
October 2007. Awarehouse of Why. Teatro Aveirense, Aveiro, Portugal.
May 2007. The Esemplasm. Maus Hábitos, Porto, Portugal.
November 2004. Autodigest. Atlantic Waves. London, U.K.
2003. Live visuals for Max Eastley / Victor Gama. Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, U.K.
November 2002. Live visuals for BJNilsen / Rafael Toral. Touch showcase @ Vooruit, Ghent, Belgium.
May 2001. Live visuals for HAZARD. Touch 20 U.K. tour, including Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, U.K.
2000. Live visuals for Biosphere mini-tour, Amsterdam Paradiso / Antwerp. With Jon Wozencroft.